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Wildlife Photography Journey

Enjoy us on a nationwide tour of the Grand Ole’ USA and British Columbia...

Welcome to DV Wildlife’s Inaugural Blog

Vicki Piazza and I (Dick Vautrinot) are about to embark on a nationwide tour of the Grand Ole’ USA and parts of British Columbia and will be documenting the entire journey on a daily and weekly basis via photography and video. This visual journey will include everything from the most famous scenery in the country to some obscure out of the way places. Though wildlife will be our main focus, landscape, landmarks and people will be huge part of our new lifelong vacation. The major part of the plan is to have 6 major wildlife tours set up around the country in the prime seasons to maximize the photographic experience. From Florida’s vast wildlife (which we have come to know very well in the past few years) to the Grand Tetons, British Columbia Eagles and Grizzlies, Yellowstone National Park and a couple places to be determined as we travel the states.

We will not just go to these destinations to set up a tour, we will go to study the terrain, the wildlife associated with each area and the local amenities to assure everyone involved makes the best use of their time to shoot the wildlife and surrounding landscapes to their maximum potential. Game plan is to spend 4 to 6 weeks in each destination and know it like we live there to guide you on an unforgettable experience. Helping the people along for the journey with camera settings will also be provided though not in a workshop environment, more one on one as needed. The tours will be more about bringing you to the action.

I have been an outdoors man since a very young age and having owned a wildlife business for a quarter of century, learning wildlife’s habits is second nature and paramount to the success of any tour we plan on taking. Vicki’s background in the professional fields and community services assure every aspect of DV Wildlife will leave you with a fantastic experience and one we hope you will pass on to other photographers. Watch for us on Facebook and the web as we are still setting up and plan on launching a new website and 4 social media platform before departure in early July 2018.

So join us each week as we document this great country and what it has to offer in a unique way that we don’t see being done anywhere else on the web….

Sure you’ll enjoy the journey right along with us if you do!

Dick Vautrinot & Vicki Piazza

The DV of DV Wildlife!

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