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The First 20 Days of our Wildlife Photography Journey

We've had an amazing adventure so far! We left Florida in a 38 foot RV. Not too far up the road, the A/C compressor blew and we lost power steering. After getting the repair, we're back on the road. First, we drove through a lot of flat land like Florida until we arrived in the beautiful Rocky Mountains in Wyoming! This is where Dick photographed his first Golden Eagle. We arrived in Walden, CO. There were lots of open fields, beautiful mountain ranges and stunning sunsets. Next, we saw our first Bull Moose in State Forest State Park. The moose decided to charge Dick but luckily he ran for cover! While looking for badgers, we photographed antelope, jack rabbits and chipmunks....but we saw no badgers! We also saw Canadian Geese, Western Grebes and a variety of ducks on Lake John.

Then we drove to Denver, CO, seeing majestic views of the Rocky Mountains and the Paudre River with rolling rapids winding through the gorge. our county beautiful! Soon we left Denver....too much traffic and cement!

Next we drove to the Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming. Again, we had stunning views of the Rocky Mountains. We drove through some towns that looked like the wild, wild west! While driving along the continental divide, we saw antelope and deer. Dick photographed American Bisons, Antelopes, Sea Otters, Beavers, and White Pelicans. What a great day!

The Tetons are filled with majestic mountain ranges, lakes and an abundance of wildlife. Dick photographed bull moose, grizzly bear crossing the road, a perfect postcard shot of 4 bull elks, brown bears and cubs, swainson and red tailed hawks, coyote, and landscapes of the famous Moulton Barn and the majestic Teton Mountain Range.

We enjoyed a breakfast cruise on Colter Bay to Elk Island with Florida Facebook friends, Jon and Jo Davey, on their 45th wedding anniversary trip. We gave them a tour of the wildlife in the area. We photographed Bull Elk, Moose, a Swainson Hawk with a prairie dog in its talons, Cedar Waxwing bird and a Bald Eagles. Another great day!

We absolutely fell in love with the Teton Mountains and decided to stay for awhile. We know this is our calling and we are truly one with nature. Stay tuned because next we plan to take day trips to Yellowstone National  Park. We are glad you are following our wildlife photographic adventure!

Dick and Vicki DV Wildlife Photography

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