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The Ospreys are Back!

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

The Ospreys are back in Florida! Join us in April to photograph nesting ospreys, many at eye level, on one of the most scenic lakes in Vero Beach Florida, Blue Cypress Lake. There are 250 nesting pairs of ospreys and the lake has an abundance of ospreys, several bald eagle nests, resident Peregrine Falcon, several pairs of barred owls, herons, egrets and other wildlife. Visit our website to book a tour today!

Bald Eagle Photography Tours - We will be back to the Gainesville area in May to continue bald eagles tours! The action never stops....

Some of our favorite photos from the last few weeks

Dick's Photography Awards in February

Clients on Eagle Tours

John Redrup & Michael Tapes

Karen Winchester & Joyce Adamec

Ralph & Lulu Hernandez, Richard Story, Salvatore Mattei, Larry Treadwell & Tom Brunstetter

Jeff Smith, Neil Branch & Charles

Jack Rogers

Valerie Clayton & Carmel Dodson


Lea Gallardo & Rosyln Hume

Laser Engraving

We custom laser engrave glass, stone, leather, wood, acrylic, coated metal and more. Send us your favorite photo to engrave on stone or glass!

All the best,

Dick Vautrinot DV Wildlife Photography 352-363-8292

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