Tours & Workshops

We offer group photography wildlife tours and workshops in Florida, North Carolina and the southwestern United States. Our photography tours include bald eagles, ospreys, herons, kingfishers, egrets, ibis, monkeys, bears and wildlife.

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Bald Eagle & Osprey Tour - Gainesville, Florida

Join us to photograph bald eagles hunting for their dinner and aerial battles of eagles trying to steal the fish. Eagles nest in the winter and newborn young learn to fly and hunt in the spring. Ospreys arrive early spring. Tours are aboard our 2019 24 ft., 200hp pontoon boat on a lake with beautiful backdrops. Help with setting up cameras and birds in flight instruction, if needed.

Available Dates: Year-round


Half Day - 4 hours           Full Day - 8 hours  

$200 - One person          $ 400 - One person     

$300 - Two people           $600 - Two people    

$150 - Additional people  $150 - Additional people

Private One-on-One Instruction - Florida

Private one-on-one instruction is designed to help you create a customized plan to improve your photography skills in the use of light, tracking birds, manual camera settings preparation and framing the shot. Instructions are aboard our 2019 24 ft., 200hp pontoon boat on a lake with beautiful backdrops. I hope you can join me for

a day of learning and fun! 

Available Dates: Year-round


Half Day - 4 hours               Full Day - 8 hours

$350 - One person             $500 - One person

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