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Eagles, Ospreys & Bears, oh my!

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

We have a week left on our Osprey Tours on Blue Cypress Lake. We've seen lots of nesting ospreys, barred owls, a peregrine falcon (almost daily) and of course the usual shorebirds!

We enjoyed all that have come along with us on a tour!

If you can squeeze in a tour, May 13th - 21st we will be back home for a 9 days of bald eagles and raptor tours.

Then we are leaving for North Carolina for Black Bear ours from May 24th - June 7th. The bears are a wonderful way to spend a day! I know my way around to make sure we get to see black bears roaming the fields with their cubs. We hope you can come along!

All the best,

Dick Vautrinot


Photo by John Ficken

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