• Vicki Vautrinot

Eagles, Ospreys & Bears, oh my!

We have a week left on our Osprey Tours on Blue Cypress Lake. We've seen lots of nesting ospreys, barred owls, a peregrine falcon (almost daily) and of course the usual shorebirds!

We enjoyed all that have come along with us on a tour!

If you can squeeze in a tour, May 13th - 21st we will be back home for a 9 days of bald eagles and raptor tours.

Then we are leaving for North Carolina for Black Bear ours from May 24th - June 7th. The bears are a wonderful way to spend a day! I know my way around to make sure we get to see black bears roaming the fields with their cubs. We hope you can come along!

All the best,

Dick & Vicki


Photo by John Ficken

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