Paul and Linda Card

"Wow, what a day! Took one of Dick’s Florida boat tours and it was amazing. After Paul did studio work and portraits for many years including little league, school pictures, weddings and much more, he was looking for something different. He ultimately started taking pictures of wildlife and enjoyed the challenge of taking pictures of birds in flight. Once he started taking pictures of birds and other wildlife and after looking at the pictures, he felt something was lacking. One day he came across Dick’s outstanding photographs of birds in flight. He was mesmerized and wanted to be the one taking that quality of photographs with clarity and catching the “ultimate” snap. So we ventured out on a tour and Dick was able to put us right in the middle of the action. With tips on lighting, exposure and tracking and Dick’s ability to put us in the perfect spot we got that “once in a lifetime shot!” It was awesome. So, if you want to be in the best spot and hone your skills sign up for one of his tours. He also offers workshops as well as tours with group rates." 

Doc Jon

"I am a very active wildlife and nature photographer.  Bald eagles have always alluded me and i really wanted to up my game and find a lot of them.  I contacted Dick since I have been such an admirer of his work especially his bald eagle shots.  He said he would have NO problem getting us to them and a LOT of them.  I went on one of his tours and I have to say I got some of the best shots of my professional career.  Dick is an expert and really really knows what he's doing.  I would HIGHLY recommend getting out with him on a tour whether you are a novice or a pro.  Not to mention we had a lot of laughs.  A great guy and a great tour!! Thanks again Dick!!!"

Steve & Joann Leimberg

"Thanks so much for the inspiration and the wonderful instructions. But more importantly thanks so much for the friendship and warmth you and Vicki shared with us.  Hugs to both of you!"  

Jean Hull

"Want to take your bird photography up a notch?  Spend a day  in Florida with Dick Vautrinot of DV Wildlife Photography!  Dick knows the best birding spots around – and we are talking bald eagles, osprey, herons, egrets and more. He provides outstanding instruction on how to take tack-sharp images of birds in flight.  I got to spend a beautiful day with Dick on a pristine Florida lake and can’t wait for my next trip. If you like bird photography, he is the man!"

Jay Carpenter

"I had an amazing opportunity to go out with Dick Vautrinot of DVWildlife today. Also managed to drag John Clare Stokes and John Middleton. I took just over 900 photos. I am very new to Bird in Flight photography, and though my photos aren't the best of the best, I am happy with the turnout. It was a great learning experience. I can't wait to get back out there again. Also can't wait to see what the other guys get to post. What a great experience. I highly recommend any of my photographer friends to check out DVWildlife and book a trip with Dick."

Geoff Dawson

" This guy consistently blows me away with his stunning bird in flight photos. I had the chance to go out with him once and of course the birds stayed  home... His work is inspirational - but just goes to show how much I have to learn... and practice... Cheers Dick!"

Scott Moore

"Big Thank You to Dick Vautrinot and www.dvwildlife.com for a great day photographing Eagle and Ospreys!! I learned a lot and have  much more to go so we're coming back again soon!"

Jon Mark & Jo Davey

"We had an awesome day in the Grand Tetons with Dick Vautrinot and Vicki Piazza, wonderful Spotter and Skipette of the adventure! If you EVER get a chance to shoot with them TAKE IT!  Just be sure to take your vitamins beforehand, buckle your seat belt, and be prepared to jump out of a moving truck in the middle of the road at a moments notice to grab shots of Bull Elk or Moose. Jo and I had to take naps between shoots a couple of times. THANK YOU Dick and Vicki! I wish that we had done this 20 years ago so I could have kept up with you!"