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A Chilly Start to 2020!

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

January started off a little chilly but that did not stop us or our clients from going out on the water to photograph bald eagles! The baby eaglets have been born and the parents are hitting the water picking up fish to feed them. The babies are popping up their heads and soon will be standing up in the nests. It is a great time for eagle photography!

These are some of our favorite photos from the last few weeks.

Photos of some our clients who joined us on bald eagle tours.

Paschal and Debbie Karl & Dick

Jeff Smith & Dick

Carl Jacobs & Dick

Tyler Brooks & Dick

Lulu & Ralph Hernandez & Ed Spenser

Dorothy Cunningham, Bob LeClair, Doris & Bob Carolli

Awards from Facebook Photography group The Universe of Colour Photography!

We hope to see you on an eagle or monkey tour soon!

Dick Vautrinot

DV Wildlife Photography


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1 Comment

Dorothy Cunningham
Dorothy Cunningham
Jan 31, 2020

Thank you, Dick for the fun eagle tour on your boat. What a treat for Bob, Doris, Bob L, and I. We learn a lot, witnessed nature first hand, and sure enjoyed capturing awesome images. Thank you again. What an awesome experience!

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